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K+ series

K4+ and K12+ use Class D power amplifier modules and high-quality power frequency toroidal transformers, making them extremely efficient and compact.
Class I™ amplifier technology is applied to the K6+ and K8 amplifiers, giving them the dual advantages of high efficiency and high-quality sound.


  • Energy efficient Class I™ power modules (K6+/K8+).
  • Class D power modules (K4+/K12+).
  • High quality toroidal transformer power supply.
  • Single modulation dual channel power amplifier technology
  • High CMRR balanced input for enhanced noise rejection.
  • Independent channels on the front panel have over-temperature, protection and peak clipping warning lights.
  • Independent channel power indicator and -5dB / -10dB / -20dB signal indicator on the front panel.
  • Rear panel XLR input sockets and link sockets.
  • SpeakON Nl4 output sockets (K6+/K8+/K12+) on the rear panel.


Model K4+ K6+ K8+ K12+
Power (output power per channel with resistive load at the same time under 220V~50Hz stable frequency power supply condition)
8Ω Stereo Power 400W x2** 700W x2** 900W x2** 1200W x2
4Ω Stereo Power 450W x2** 1000W x2** 1200W x2** 2300W x2**
8Ω bridge power 900W** 4800W x2
Other parameters
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz( +0/-1.5dB) 20Hz-20kHz( +0/-0.8dB) 20Hz-20kHz( +0/-0.8dB) 20Hz-20kHz( +0/-1.5dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤0.1% ≤0.05% ≤0.05% ≤0.1%
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 85dB ≥ 85dB ≥ 85dB ≥ 90dB
Input Sensitivity 0.775/1.4V 0.775V 0.775V 0.775/1.4V
Input impedance (balanced/unbalanced) 40kΩ/20kΩ 20kΩ/10kΩ 20kΩ/10kΩ 40kΩ/20kΩ
Voltage Gain (8 ohms) 37dB 38.5dB 39.5dB 42dB
Output Category Class D Class I™ Class I™ Class D
Cooling Front to Back
input section Balanced input XLR female socket/balanced parallel to XLR male socket
Output Section BINDING POST (red and black columns); SPEAKON speaker screw seat (K6+/K8+/K12+)
Front Panel Indicators Power/Signal/-5dB-10dB/-20dB/Clipper/Protect
Front Panel Power switch/volume control knob
Product Dimensions (mm) 483 x 254 x 89 483 x 298 x 89 483 x 298 x 89 483 x 419 x 89
Outer Packaging Dimensions (mm) 560 x 435 x 170 560 x 435 x 170 560 x 435 x 170 595 x 565 x 170
Gross Weight 10.3kg 11.1kg 12.71kg 20.3kg

1. This power is measured in accordance with EIA standards.
2, *, this power is measured using a 40ms pulse 1kHz sine wave at 1% total harmonic distortion.
3.**, this power is measured using a 20ms pulse 1kHz sine wave at 1% total harmonic distortion.
4, ***, this power is measured using a 10ms pulse 1kHz sine wave at 1% total harmonic distortion.
3. AES reserves the right to interpret the above parameters. The parameters will change without further notice. The final parameters are subject to the product manual.